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Apr 27, 2014 6:00pm PDT
western sanctions against russia, pro russian forces publicly displayed the eight european military observers they had been holding prisoner for three days. the staged event unfolded in the eastern ukrainian city of slavyansk, holly williams is there. >> reporter: the european military observant were paraded in front of the international media today by the self-appointed separatist mayor of slavyansk, the town where they are being held. german colonel axle schneider and his team appeared tense and unhappy. >> we have no indication when we will be sent home. >> reporter: they said they were being treated well and showed no sign of injury. it was impossible to tell if they were under duress, though at times they sounded scripted. >> it breaks our hearts to see the poverty of the people here. >> reporter: there was no need to guess how these men were being treated. they're captured ukrainian soldiers also being held in slavyansk. the town's new mayor vyacheslav ponomaryov told us that the european observers are spies. and he wants to swap them for militants held by ukraine's government
Apr 26, 2014 6:00pm PDT
sanctions against russia as pro- russian forces are holding captive an eight-member team of european observers in slavyansk tonight. as holly williams reports, they show no sign of backing down. >> reporter: in slavyansk today, the town's new separatist mayor, vyacheslav ponomaryov, took questions about the european observers his men are holding. what exactly are the accusations against the inspectors? >> reporter: he told us all of them are suspected of carrying out intelligence gathering in separatist territory. in other words, they're accused of being spies. slavyansk has been under the control of pro-russian separatists for more than a week, but taking foreign prisoners is something new here and could be a sign that the militants are running out of patience. after the press conference, we asked if we could see the inspectors and were told no. are the men that you've detained, are they safe? are they being treated well? "yes," he said. "you don't need to worry." ukraine's government and the u.s. accuse russia of aiding this insurgency and new russian military exercises just over t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2